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Zero Greenwash

Is your sustainability marketing sustainable?

Isn't it amazing how many brands claim to be "green" yet can't tell you how? Some deliberately mislead. Others mislead by accident or out of "good intentions" gone bad. It's called "greenwash."

We don't do that.

We help you formulate and communicate your sustainability marketing strategy based on supportable claims backed by scientific data.

Lifecycle analyses. Environmental product declarations. Lab tests. Field tests. The more third-party verification, the better.

Whether your solution is a widget in the sustainable supply chain or a revolutionary clean-tech innovation, we can help you communicate the social, environmental and economic benefits.

Or if you believe that your own Corporate Sustainability Responsibility (CSR) performance and low carbon footprint are strong enough, we can help you leverage it into a competitive brand advantage.

You don't have to spend valuable time and energy getting us up to speed. We have helped brands small and large communicate sustainability benefits effectively and responsibly—including BASF, Toyota, Philips Lighting and Canadian Standards Association.

We invested in the sector long before it became fashionable — attending leading international and local conferences and shows and conducting industry-leading research.

What's your Sustainability Story?

Stephanie Inglis explains how to avoid the perils of greenwash.

how can we help you?

It doesn't matter what you sell. If you need business-to-business marketing communications, we can help you form your strategy, craft your message, execute the plan and report on ROI. Find out about our unique approach to B2B marketing success.

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