With the impending Canadian Anti-Spam Laws (CASL), which come into effect on July 1, 2014, we’re arming ourselves with knowledge. After all, we want to do the best job for our clients, which means we need to stay informed on how CASL affects online marketing.

Here are 10 things we feel you need to know about CASL:

  1. CASL is meant to encourage the growth of electronic commerce by ensuring confidence and trust in the online marketplace.
  2. All commercial email contact needs to be done through an opt-in program within Canada.
  3. This means we need to inform potential prospects that we will be sending them useful content – like newsletters and webinars – before sending any Commercial Electronic Mail (CEM).
  4. Consent needs to be given explicitly, orally or in writing. The trick is that you must keep a record of consent – otherwise you can’t prove you had it in the first place.
  5. CASL differs from the USA’s Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing Act of 2003 (CAN-SPAM), which is an opt-out program instead of an opt-in scheme.
  6. Once you have your opt-in from a prospect, you need to clearly identify yourself in all CEM. This means you need to provide your recipient with information on where they can contact you physically (i.e. your business address and your business name).
  7. You also need to have an unsubscribe/email preference centre link in all CEM.
  8. Any unsubscribe requests need to be processed and functional within 10 business days.
  9. Purchasing lists does not make you exempt from CASL.
  10. The grandfathering program allows you to use your current lists to send CEMs. However, the relationships need to be maintained opting-in again every 24 months.

New laws can seem extremely daunting, especially when fines for breaking them are severe. We feel that CASL isn’t something to be afraid of. In fact, we think CASL will create firmer prospect leads and stronger marketing strategies, because we know every prospect we’re sending e-marketing to actually wants to receive it.

By knowing how to walk the right line, we can provide an even better service to our clients, by helping you plan to live within the confines of this law.

Have more questions regarding CASL? Send us a note and we would be happy to fill in the blanks.

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