The end of the year is approaching, and it can only mean one thing: Lists!

Year-in-Review lists and New-Year-Prediction lists are a veritable tradition in our day and age. Thanks to the fine folks at Marketing Profs and the Content Marketing Institute, who surveyed 1,820 North American B2B marketers, we are not leaving you out of the party.

Without further ado, we present to you the Top 10 Content Marketing Benchmarks for 2015


    1. 35% of those surveyed had a documented content marketing strategy. Interestingly, this was the primary factor of success in almost every category. We would love to help you design and document your content marketing strategy.
    2. Only 21% of organizations believe they are successfully tracking the ROI of their content marketing. Many B2B marketers are having a hard time tracking ROI. This is another area where a documented content marketing strategy was a defining marker of success.
    3. Website traffic is the most widely used metric to assess content marketing success. This may not be as effective for smaller sites, nor does it always paint the full picture. Try also tracking lift of company awareness, lift of product awareness, and customer renewal rates if you haven’t already.
    4. Brand Awareness is the most important content marketing goal. This is the top answer for the last five years in a row, while lead generation and engagement rounded out the Top 3.
    5. In-person events are the most effective. Nothing beats being there, and of all the tactics B2B marketers use (white papers, webinars, blogs, etc.), in-person events top the list for the fifth consecutive year.
    6. Infographics had the biggest jump in use. From 51% to 62%, infographics got a lot more play this year. Ask us how we can help create incredible infographics for your content marketing needs.
    7. B2B Marketers average four separate target audiences. With each audience requiring a separate content marketing strategy, typically the bigger the company, the higher the number of audiences.
    8. LinkedIn is the social media platform of choice for content distribution. Also ranked the most efficient social media platform (63%) LinkedIn is the most often used platform for 94% of those surveyed. (Honorary mention goes to Google+ for having the biggest rise in percentage at 9%). How much upkeep does your LinkedIn account get, and are you using it to its full advantage? We offer social media strategy, training and turnkey account management.
    9. 42% of marketers publish content program daily or multiple times per week. The most effective marketers (23%), as well as those who have a documented content marketing strategy (23%), are most likely to publish content daily.
    10. Content receives and average percentage of total marketing budget (not including staff) of 28%. Where does your organization stack up to this? We can make the most of your content marketing budget and have the track record to prove it.

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