Build low-cost demand by leveraging existing, “paid for” assets like your contact database, content and site traffic.

In our last post on Marketing Automation, we learned what it is and why you should care. Over the next few posts we’ll look at the contributions that Marketing Automation can make throughout your sales cycle, starting with demand generation. 

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1 – Find out what you’ve got in your existing contact database
Lead acquisition costs vary greatly both in the dollar spend and prospect quality. Your existing contact database is likely pulled from various sources--list brokers, trade shows, website submissions and so on. The sales team was probably given the initial kick at the can; a few names became customers and the rest have since received the odd email or e-newsletter.
Marketing Automation can help you realize untapped potential from your dead leads. Simply upload your contact list and generate a simple email blast with a call-to-action follow-up. Responses from the outreach can trigger a drip campaign or be assigned directly to sales for follow-up. Your list will be quickly culled of stale lead information and uninterested prospects. 
The best part is you don’t need to spend an additional lead acquisition dollar.
2 - Hold a garage sale for your existing content
Over the past couple of years you have probably generated numerous articles, case studies, newsletters and sell sheets that are still relevant. You can throw out the Bay City Rollers 8-track and bull fighter velvet print, but there are likely books, magazines and posters that will find a second life on someone’s shelf and wall. 
With Marketing Automation you can quickly build a content library readily available for your demand generation, opportunity nurturing and customer conversion activities. This content will be ammunition for email outreach, website conversion, drip email campaigns, and one-off targeted communications. 

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3 - Convert anonymous interest on your site to pipeline opportunities
If the calls to action on your site follow the “if you post it they will come” mantra through a sales toll-free number or the all encompassing “Contact Us” form, you’re probably loosing out on nurturing opportunities--particularly, if you are asking for too much information upfront.
With Marketing Automation, you can quickly create landing pages and calls to action around some of your more popular and effective content. Visitors will be more inclined to provide their name and email address, ask a simple question, sign-up for an e-newsletter or participate in a webinar. 
By casting a wider net on your site and prompting engagement from prospects, you’ll increase the anonymous traffic conversion rate. From there, progressive profiling and email nurturing will flesh out prospects and warm them up for the sales conversation. 
Coming next: 3 ways to effectively nurture leads into sales-ready opportunities with Marketing Automation. Click here if you are interested hearing more and would like to download a case study from a marketing automation solution provider.
Marketing Automation in action
We leveraged an existing client’s contact database, written content and site traffic when we recently set them up on our Marketing Automation solution.  
We pulled together an initial outreach list from existing leads and combined it with a new source. Our first communication was the digital version of a long-running printed newsletter, combined with a whitepaper call to action. At the same time we created landing pages and calls to action on the client’s website to prompt sign-ups for the e-newsletter and whitepaper. 
The e-newsletter was opened by 28% of recipients with 8% clicking through to read an article. The whitepaper was downloaded by 2% of the recipients and 21% of those who clicked through to an article. The landing pages on the site are also feeding the opportunity funnel.
We will continue to reach out to the list of recipients that haven’t responded—and for those that have responded and are in the pipeline, we will actively nurture with a drip campaign.
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