Your Sales Pipeline is Leaking Leads.

Leads are usually handed-off to sales when the name is purchased or the prospect initiates contact. If only a small percentage of those leads have an active opportunity at the time, and sales only follows up on say 20% of leads that are ready-to-buy - there is lead leakage because the not-yet ready to buy leads are tossed into a corner.

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As well, your sales reps spend too much time doing their own prospecting to qualify incoming leads and not enough time preaching to the near converted. To solve this problem, marketing must only hand over sales-ready opportunities to sales, and keep the rest warm until they too are ready-to-buy.
Here are three ways to deliver quality opportunities to your sales team:

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1 – Use relevant and segmented messaging to increase the prospect's interest level
Drip email campaigns are simple to set up with Lead and Opportunity Management tools. An identified prospect can be routed into specific campaigns based on actions they took when they received direct mail, the key words they used when searching, or the content they downloaded when they provided their contact information. This allows follow up communications to not only be automated, but tailored to the specific interests of the prospects.
Your prospects will let you know when they are ready for that sales conversation. 
2 - Build personalized, credible trust over time
Nothing will build trust among your prospects like third-party validation. Case studies, testimonials, press releases and articles should be a staple of your ongoing email nurturing. Another approach is to share industry insights and information—even as a simple "I thought you might be interested in this" pass through on a report or article.
With a Lead Management program, sales assignment can be done very early in the nurturing process. All subsequent email communications will come from the sales representative, making them "known" to the prospect.
Then, when sales person does call your prospect they will be more likely to answer.
3 - Keep your offer top of mind
Compare "Where is that business card from the sales rep I met at the trade show last year?" with "I have been receiving emails from Joe Smith at ACME and they offer something like that, don't they?"
Where would you rather be on that spectrum? Timing is a crucial part of the buying cycle and when your prospect is ready to buy you want to be remembered. Consistent email communications can keep you and your offer or product top of mind with your prospects.
When your prospect has an opportunity they will remember you.
Coming next: 3 ways to increase your sales conversion rates.
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