We all make our New Year’s resolutions. So here are a few for business-to-business marketers that top our priority list for 2015.

Just don’t break them all before the end of January.

  1. Schedule your content. Most of us know the torture of trying to come up with topics for blog posts, e-blasts and social media. Why not try making an editorial calendar to help schedule your content? Start with all the known important events on the horizon – trade shows, webinars, promotions, product launches, etc. – and plot them on the calendar. Check in with your industry associations to see what might be changing that’s worthy of thought leadership commentary, such as updates to regulations, elections or educational events and slot them into the appropriate weeks. You’ll soon find that your calendar is probably getting full already, so you only have to dream up a few more topics to cover.
  2. Use the 80/20 rule for social media. Are you spending all your time on social media talking about yourself? Because if so it’s more likely that you’re just talking to yourself, too. Your followers will pay more attention if you share relevant and interesting industry news. We recommend 80% industry and 20% brand. By providing high-value content on a regular basis, your followers will take your news more seriously. So set up that news aggregator and start curating!
  3. Make sure your website is secure. Did you know WordPress sites are notoriously susceptible to pingback attacks? Hackers are able to use the pingbacks to spoof their requests through WordPress sites to DDoS attack another site. In fact, there are 193 known security vulnerabilities in WordPress right now over different versions. Get an expert to ensure your site is secure, or consider moving to a secure, established PHP framework like Zend.
  4. Get responsive. In July 2014, Google announced changes to its search experience that will explicitly start handing out yellow cards to websites that do not fit the search-juggernaut’s vision of what a website in 2014 should be, which is responsive, mobile-friendly, and built to fit Google’s specific design standards. In short, if your website isn't optimized for tablets and smartphones, it will be less and less easy to find on search engines. To find out what mobile path your brand needs to take, download our free e-book on mobile strategy.
  5. Be “Disruptive and Delightful.” Stop doing the same-old, same-old and think bigger and better with your strategy and creative. Be bold. Take a risk. Try a new tactic or a different creative approach. Your team will be more engaged and so will your prospects. Response rates will rise. You’ll attract new followers. Gain more leads at the top of the funnel and retain them till each prospect is ready to buy. B2B doesn’t stand for boring-to-boring, so pledge to spice things up in 2015. Trust us. We know.

Here’s to a successful 2015. Happy New Year!

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