motum b2b is always on the hunt for new tools that will help us meet the needs of our clients more efficiently. It’s no secret that Pardot—our marketing-automation software of choice—is one of such tools. If you are unfamiliar, watch this video.

Since we are already proud supporters, we thought we would investigate one of Pardot’s new products, LeadDeck, to see what the fuss is about.

LeadDeck is a desktop application that gives your sales and marketing team real-time alerts of visitor and prospect activity. The results refresh when your visitors make a new Pardot-tracked action and a small pop-up notification appears.

How easy is it to use? The LeadDeck is colour-coded and can be adapted to suit your needs through simple configuration. The colour-coded functions are:

  • Green: Visits, Custom Redirect Clicks, Page Actions
  • Blue: Landing Page, Site Search, Adwords Click
  • Orange: Form, Form Handler
  • Light Blue: Email Clicks
  • Red: File Access
  • Purple: Webinar, Video View
  • Black: Social Posts, Events, Olark Chat, Natural Search, default colour for additional

Some of the simple configuration tools include specifying the visitors physical location, how the visitor was directed to your site, the file they are accessing etc. These two functions allow for quick and easy tracking of the information on your Pardot site that is most important for you.

To drill deeper into a potential prospect, simply click on a prospect in Pardot and all previous activities, physical location, his or her email address—among other details—will be displayed. If you have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) connector, you can also navigate easily to the associated lead or contact record in your CRM.

The auto-refresh and specialised settings makes this tool an asset for anyone desiring instant feedback and at-a-glance information on potential prospects. All in all, LeadDeck is a great tool for keeping track of prospective customers and their level of interest in your products and services.

Have Pardot? Try out LeadDeck. Let us know what you think.

Don’t have Pardot and would like to talk more about why we use it and how it can help your business? Call us. We’d be happy to answer your questions.

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