Sometimes in the B2B marketing world, we find ourselves trying to convince others just how interesting and exciting our jobs can be. It seems people assume that unless you’re working on a soda account, you’re missing out on heart-racing thrills.

Fortunately, we know this to be false. And this blog post is an ode to the literal thrills we experience with our B2B clients.

We’ve been working with Solar Window Cleaning, the leading window cleaning service for Toronto’s high-profile commercial skyscrapers. Every day, their crews dangle from 50-plus-storey buildings (the CN Tower included) to ensure the city’s skyline looks its best.

In initial meetings with Solar, our team would hear amazing stories about what their crews do and see on a daily basis. But stories aren’t always enough for us. Whenever possible, motum b2b likes to jump in and experience all we can in order to market a business to the best of our ability.

And that’s how six of us found ourselves on top of the third-tallest building in Toronto, the TD Canada Trust Tower.

This is a photo journal of the lengths (and heights) we went through to understand our client’s business:

A new friend. Spiders (which are about the size of toonies) are everywhere up there.

A view from the top.

Looking straight down.

It wasn’t enough for some of us to hang out on the roof of the building; three motum members bravely climbed several ladders to the very apex of the tower. Because you could see through every platform on the way up, you can appreciate why the others waited on the roof.

Brave ones at the very top.

See the triangle platform? That’s the roof, where the rest of us waited.

The motum b2b team (on the roof). Note we’re all holding on.

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