A sound strategy is the cornerstone of any successful marketing initiative. You have to know the audience and where to find them. You have to know what problems they have that you can solve with your product or service. You need to know how you will nurture the sales lead throughout the buying cycle. You have to have a plan for retention. And you have to know how you will measure the success of each activity.

That’s the primary reason we at motum b2b like to put in a lot of legwork up front. It’s why we try to avoid dog-and-pony-show new business pitches and say ‘no’ to spec creative.

How on earth can you come up with a great campaign in a strategic vacuum?

One of the things we see from time to time is a new client prospect who wants to do X because it’s the next big thing according to some article somewhere. They don’t have a plan. They haven’t looked at how X will fit in with the existing ABCs of their marketing program. They don’t want to pay to figure it out, but they want it executed yesterday.

Destined to #fail.

The best marketing strategies happen through collaboration and discovery. Sitting down together to really dig into the situation, the business objectives, the SWOT analysis and the voice of the customer. Determining what success looks like and how we will measure the key performance indicators. Then and only then do we discuss what tactics will be brought into the mix.

Execution is the culmination of the strategy. Doing something without knowing why, without knowing what impact we want it to have, is essentially fruitless. Each tactic in a campaign should have a purpose, whether it’s building brand awareness, driving traffic to a site, educating and nurturing or closing the sale.

Execution is fun. It’s when we get to brainstorm big creative ideas, cook up witty copy and witness the technical wizardry of the digital team. It’s a fabulous and invigorating part of the campaign lifecycle.

But you know what’s not fun? Investing all that time, effort and energy into creative only to have it fall flat, see the campaign fail and have to answer tough question as to the reasons why when you don’t have the answers. And you don’t have the answers because you jumped straight into execution without doing the strategic insight work first.

If you have a campaign you can’t explain or you want to reexamine your existing strategy, why not talk to us? Learn more about our strategic services.

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