While tuning up our search strategy at motum b2b, we discovered something that has made our key word definitions a whole lot easier.

First, our search strategy is ‘make it easy for our next customers to find us.’ With an unusual name like motum we’re easily found by anyone who’s already heard the name. So, for key word purposes, we’re only interested in people who are looking for our specialized services but don’t know us yet.

Key words such as marketing, advertising, communications and B2B were natural first choices. So was Toronto—because we’re trying to build local business to match our international client list.

So we ran a test of which single word or pair of words would deliver the most Google organic results on the first page.

To test Google search results, we used the five words above, in groups of three, then just a pair, then one word—and got the following results:

Marketing b2b Toronto—1st (after local business results)
Advertising b2b Toronto—1st (after local business results)
Communications b2b Toronto—1st
b2b Toronto—2nd                  

What did we learn? First, that our search strategy overall was excellent, and second, that we had no problems with our key words. But, most interesting was the result from the single word search for ‘b2b.’ On the first page, most of the results used the word marketing in the descriptive copy. All of them, in one way or another, used the word ‘b2b’ as if it inherently contained the meaning of marketing.

Conclusion: b2b has evolved into a very useful, very meaningful word. I’m really glad we changed our name in 2005 to motum b2b—from what many clients used to say sounded like a staid old law firm.


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