I just got back from a trip to Paris, France, where having a killer wardrobe is apparently a condition of residency. Feeling initially intimidated, I quickly rectified the situation by filling Parisian boutique coffers with my hard-earned vacation money (someone’s gotta show the Euro a little love, right?) and stepping out in confident style on the busy sidewalks.


The situation was not unlike the one many b2b companies face when figuring out their content marketing strategy: how do the disparate pieces of your business story go together? What kind of persona do you want to show to the world? Should you dress your company for success or just throw on the first thing you see?


At motum b2b, we like to think of a brand’s marketing assets as their “content closet.”  And just like building a wardrobe for a successful career, it requires planning and careful consideration.


It starts with an audit. What content assets you currently have in your closet? Do you have whitepapers, videos, profiles of your company from trade media, authored editorial by senior staff, photos, webinars or ideas for any of the above? And do all of those old “clothes” still fit your brand?


Identify what you are missing and then “go shopping.” Decide what elements would best suit your product, starting with the most basic, such as a high-quality brochure that can be distributed both at trade shows and offered on your site as a free download.


Original content can be time intensive to create, so develop a schedule for building your closet piece by piece, allocating content creation to skilled staff or hiring an industry-appropriate agency.


Once the essential elements of your closet are in place – your shirts, pants and blazers, if you will – then it’s time to accessorize. Show off your content with great website and email copy that will draw people into your world, and organize it by occasion (buying phase).


Then, it’s time to get dressed and head out, presenting your new look on your website, through email “drip” campaigns and social media.


You wouldn’t put on a tie before you put on your shirt, right? And you wouldn’t wear the same tie today that you wore to your first job interview. Building a content closet and presenting it to the world should be no different: be strategic, be stylish and dress for success every time you go out.


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