We’re not shy about creative. We don’t believe B2B buyers want a spec sheet and that’s it. Our Disruptive and Delightful approach to creative development helps our clients get measurably better results by breaking through clutter, entertaining prospects and getting them to imagine what it would be like to work with the brand.

The approach also means we get to have a lot of fun at work. Take our video booth project for Lafarge Eastern Canada, for example. It all started with the goal of doing something disruptive to drive traffic to the Lafarge booth at Canada’s largest building and construction conference, and also to the brand’s Building Better Cities website. And we wanted to gather content we could use in our outbound email programs, and on social media.

Tied to the global Lafarge positioning of building better cities, we challenged conference attendees to come to the booth and tell us how THEY contribute to the cause.

The results? You’ll have to see for yourself. Watch our mini-documentary.

Does your brand need a little shake up when it comes to creative concepts? Talk to us about the ways we can dream up something new and different for you.

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