If you already have a Company Page on LinkedIn, you may have been contacted to sign up for a Premium Account and a service called Sales Navigator.

What Sales Navigator is: A sales tool that allows sales team members to manage initial contact through LinkedIn.

What Sales Navigator is not: A way to source email addresses for your marketing campaigns.

If your sales team and your lead targets are active on LinkedIn, then Sales Navigator can be a great way to reach out. Your sales team members can then take advantage of shared connections and group memberships to introduce themselves to potential leads. They can also use the expanded search capabilities built into Sales Navigator to monitor ideal client companies and learn about the competition. Finally, you can create admin roles and monitor how your sales team members use LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

In short, Sales Navigator offers a few more mays to network.

Some clients have asked if Sales Navigator is a way to get email addresses of every member they’re interested in contacting.

Sadly, it doesn’t work like that. You can make a connection through the internal mail system, but you don’t get member contact information just because you have an upgraded account. Even if you could, motum b2b could not recommend or endorse marketing to people who have not opted into receiving information from your company.


Though it isn’t a marketing tool, Sales Navigator is a great connection mechanism for those who use LinkedIn actively.

When we, at motum b2b, turn over a warm sales lead to our clients, it’s because that prospect has exhibited strong buying signals after nurturing activities. After that, they are ready for your sales team to contact them. If LinkedIn is a natural method of making contact, Sales Navigator may be a great tool for you.

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