In this first entry of a three-part series on professional accountability and media buying, we examine due diligence in a time of staffing cut-backs.

The word accountability has a lot of buzz about it in this post-Enron world. But it shouldn't be something we just talk about - it should be something we embrace and act on. Professional accountability means the ability to employ best practices for better results and better business.

A lot of advertisers are making hard decisions. Many are choosing to do without the expert advice of an agency and are moving their media buying decision-making capabilities in-house. Yet at the same time, staff cuts often mean passing the responsibility for those decisions to less experienced people.

In order to succeed, your advertising needs to reach the right people. If you're the person who is held accountable for the success or failure of the advertising campaign, it only makes sense to employ business best practices and due diligence. Demand to see the audited circulation statements for every publication under your consideration. No audited statement? Don't place advertising there. At motum b2b, it's our policy.

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Richard Willingham is President of motum b2b and a Director of BPA Worldwide.

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