Last week, members of the motum b2b team headed down to New Orleans to attend Greenbuild 2014, one of the largest gatherings focused on sustainable construction in the world.

Our main mission was to support, and meet with, our client BASF Sustainable Construction North America, along with a prospect or two we’ve been having discussions with lately.

GreenBuild BASF Booth Photo

Naturally, this was our first stop! After some exciting meetings about 2015, we hung around the booth for any help that was needed. People seemed to enjoy the Basotect® Virtual Experience, which allowed visitors to walk through a 3D building to hear how this unique foam can alter acoustics and improve indoor environmental quality.

Basotect 3D experience

They (and we) also liked the meeting furniture, made entirely from BASF Performance Materials. Even if it only let them (and us) take a break from standing all day and walking the floor.

At GreenBuild 2014 BASF experts got to engage with conference goers.

Not ones to idle, we also spent a lot of time walking the show floor, looking at how brands are delivering their sustainability messages.

For a tradeshow dedicated to sustainable construction, there was a whole lot of greenwashing going on.

So many booths had messages touting increased energy efficiency, increased water efficiency or some magic bullet to make a building “green”. Very few had any third-party verified support for their claims. Except this one, of course.

A booth with environmental claims at GreenBuild 2014.

In one case, I was talking with the product manager for a new type of insulation, but he couldn’t answer my questions about how the product worked. He couldn’t explain to my satisfaction how it did what they claimed it could do. And since the proposition seemed slightly implausible, even with my limited building science background (I learned it all second-hand from creating content on the subject for the past 13 years), I really felt falling for that unsubstantiated claim would be a mug’s game.

Part of our sustainability marketing strategy is Zero Greenwash. That means we help you formulate and communicate your sustainability marketing strategy based on supportable claims backed by scientific data. Lifecycle analyses. Environmental product declarations. Lab tests. Field tests. The more third-party verification, the better.

If you’re not sure whether your sustainability message is sustainable, why not talk to us about ways to ditch the greenwash and replace it with science?

Back to the photojournal.

With another Greenbuild under our belt, we made use of the rest of our time with sightseeing.

A Tesla on the streets of New Orleans.

Our President and CEO’s dream car – a Tesla!

The beautiful Mississippi River.

The beautiful Mississippi River.

A horse drawn carriage.

Anyone for a mule-drawn carriage tour?

Chalkboard in a bar in New Orleans.

Pubs in New Orleans have great senses of humor.

A Parrot resting on a trash can in New Orleans.

Polly want some garbage?

Halloween Decorations on a Building

New Orleans residents know how to decorate for Halloween!

Halloween decor in a store

What a frightful sight?

Abstract art painting in New Orleans

New Orlean's musical heritage 

motum b2b leadership walking along the pier in New Orleans.

Strolling along the pier! 

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