Yesterday, I was sitting in a client’s meeting room, chatting with one of the market segment managers to get information for their new website. As we delved into market drivers, challenges and opportunities, he said something that made me realize just how much this client gets it.

“People often ask us, ‘What’s the price for this?’ and I can’t answer. I have to respond, ‘That depends on what you need it to do, how much of it you need, whether I need to train you in how to use it—a whole pile of factors,’” he said, sounding both amused and frustrated.

What resonated with me is that we’re constantly being asked, “How much for a website?” or “We need an app, so how much does it cost?” or “What should we budget for a drip campaign?”

It’s kind of like asking, “How much is a house?” before establishing the neighborhood, lot size, square footage, desired amenities and so on. Are you looking for a post-war bungalow in East York or a McMansion on the Bridle Path? Is the website five pages or 500? What do you need the app to do for your customers? How many emails in the drip campaign and is there established content to use or are we starting from scratch? Who is the target audience and what is the desired outcome?

And just how long IS that piece of string?

At motum b2b, we believe in value alignment between our clients and ourselves. Among other things, that means we never price a project until we have a complete understanding of the strategy, objectives, key performance indicators and desired customer experience. If those aren’t established, we can happily provide an estimate for that discovery process.

We believe that providing a quote before establishing the scope of work is a foolhardy process. And we’re glad our good clients agree.

When I shared my “How much is a house?” analogy with my client, he grinned and asked if he could steal it. The good clients? They get it.

To learn more about our No Surprises Fee Structure, download this PDF.

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