A recent announcement from Google confirmed that it will integrate Twitter into its platform, allowing Google to search the Twitter engine in real time, This partnership will have ramifications in the world of search and social, and will greatly impact marketers. To stay ahead of the curve, we have compiled a few helpful tips to consider when maneuvering through this changing landscape.

Treat tweets as mini landing pages

This partnership is sure to unleash Twitter’s potential as an organic reach medium. Real-time results mean pages will become more and more dynamic. Including Calls to Action and relevant links to brand sites will increase your digital reach.

Search optimization is key   

It is imperative that a brand’s social and search terms are integrated closely enough that tweets are optimized for high-value or high search-value phrases. For your brand to gain traction with your tweets, your search and social must be intertwined. For instance, a tweet that says “For lush and beautiful aesthetics” won’t appear in a search for “barrier films”.

Stay on message.

This increased symbiosis between Google and Twitter means less likelihood of being able to predict which tweets will get relegated to the abysses of the Internet and which won’t. So, with that, it bodes well to be all the more judicial and careful when tweeting out, because one careless tweet could be the top of a search result for months, or longer. Watch out for potholes such as joining in on conversations in the zeitgeist that may be inappropriate or just plain off-message.

One experience

With IBM ExperienceOne research indicating that over 50% (and rising) of emails are answered on phone or mobile devices, ask yourself if your website takes into consideration different screen sizes, resolutions and operating systems so you can best capture those users. Ensure your Twitter account operates well on the all devices to best communicate your messaging.

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