Did you know that chemistry makes the screen on your LCD or LED TV bolder and brighter?

What about the fact that chemistry can help improve the nutritional value of livestock feed so that animals can get more out of each and every bite?

These surprising facts were just two of the things we learned this week at the BASF Marketplace of Innovations, part of the company’s We Create Chemistry World Tour. Built to showcase its impressive record of innovation across a wide range of industries, the MOI is a global BASF “road show” featuring live demonstrations and product presentations in a futuristic setting.

With a number of BASF business units in our client roster, motum b2b was excited to not only attend the MOI as part of the audience, but also assist its corporate communications team in executing a video shoot that included product presentations, customer interviews and employee testimonials. In fact, motum b2b was in attendance at three of the six North American tour stops – Detroit, MI, Florham Park, NJ and our home town of Toronto, ON.

The tour was designed to not only showcase BASF’s capabilities to potential and existing customers, but to help illustrate the scope and capabilities of the company to its own workforce, which is spread out in regional offices and over 370 productions sites around the world.

In showcasing its products together in one room, each in a futuristic “pod” made out of light and sustainable materials, BASF’s mandate to “provide value as one company” was illustrated clearly and effectively.

Here is a company that can not only increase the efficiency of municipal wastewater treatment by helping separate water from solids more effectively, but can co-create a concept electric car with Daimler – the smart forvision – that introduces several new technologies to the automotive industry. And if a synergy between such disparate divisions is found, it can be pursued, thanks to a new focus on breaking down internal silos and sharing innovations both company-wide and across several customer markets.

As we discussed the event afterwards, what appeared to have struck many of us the most was the sheer scope of the BASF brand, its incredibly in-depth R&D and how passionately the brand has embraced its sustainability mandate.

In an inspiring introduction, Fried Munstermann, BASF North America executive vice president and CFO and Laurent Tainturier, president of BASF Canada, outlined the company’s global mandate built around the guiding mantra, “We create chemistry for a sustainable future.”

Because the first stop on the value chain often starts with chemistry, BASF is in a unique position to collaborate with its customers to promote and implement sustainable concepts and practices around the world. So it’s heartening to see it adopted as the very core of a company that has 370 production sites, over 100,000 employees and sales of €73.5 billion (2011) globally. We’re proud to work with such a fantastic brand.

Stay tuned in the future for a glimpse at some of the video production that came out of the MOI event and if you’d like a peek at the event in digital form, you can explore pod-by-pod here.

View a slideshow of photos from the event here.

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