Niche marketing is about getting to the ear of your target audience and delivering them a message specific to their needs.

If you have a highly specialized niche market product, you know your handful of ideal customers. You aim to connect with this group because you know they need your product. But, how you craft your message is important to holding their attention and turning them into known prospects.

As our very own Vice President Communications Strategy, Stephanie Inglis, said in an article she was featured in for Connected for Business Magazine, “You don’t want to come out of the gate talking about your company’s product. Until you’re talking about the customer’s problem, they don’t care.”

It goes without saying that your niche company website has to be full of engaging, informative and entertaining pieces that speak directly to your target customers’ key challenges. You also need to explain how your product provides the solution. Take, for example, Hamilton Kent, one of our clients who was also featured in the article. Hamilton Kent’s website has links to case studies, advice about best practices, videos and on-demand webinars, which we created to target to their specific niche audiences in the infrastructure industry.

At motum b2b, we don’t just create websites. We create digital information hubs and the content marketing programs to drive visitors there. Learn more about how we do this.

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