Your business has something that your competition doesn’t. I don’t know what that is in your specific case, but it’s something that I presume you leverage to differentiate yourself in your market.

My question for you today is this: How hard did you work to build that differentiating factor?

For example:

  • Has your business undergone a long, rigorous and non-mandatory ISO certification just to provide peace of mind for customers?
  • Have you invested in more expensive, but world-class manufacturing equipment, just so you could sell a better product?
  • Have you re-engineered your whole product line, so your customers’ employees would be that much safer at work?

These are things that some of our clients have done to ensure they are offering the best of the best. In each respective field, their efforts are no insignificant detail; in fact, these companies are well ahead of anyone else in their industries.

If this sounds like your company, my next question is: Do your customers know about the work you’ve done?

If not, you’re missing out on huge opportunities to:

  1. Reinforce to your existing customers why they do business with you.
  2. Pave the way for new business.
  3. Set the stage for price increases
  4. Set a new standard or specification in your customer’s industry.*

*The degree to Number 4 is possible depends on what you do and what field you’re in, but imagine your unique offering as the default spec (or accepted standard) for anyone to do business in your industry.

These things can’t begin to happen if you keep a lid on your achievements. So market them! Better yet, call us and we’ll help you market them.

We can’t take credit for our clients’ hard work, but we share in the credit of helping to build more demand for business. Give us a call if you have a story you want your customers to hear.

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