In July 2014, Google announced changes to its search experience that will explicitly start handing out yellow cards to websites that do not fit the search-juggernaut’s vision of what a website in 2014 should be, which is responsive; mobile-friendly; and built to fit Google’s specific design standards.

In short, if your website isn't optimized for tablets and smartphones, it will be less and less easy to find on search engines.

Want to avoid this situation? It’s time to get your mobile house in order.

If you don’t already have a solid mobile strategy, great! The beginning is always the best way to begin.

In fact, we just wrote a new eBook to walk businesses through this very thing.

In it, motum b2b’s Director of Web Development, Mark Whiting, summarizes:

  • Why mobile strategies are increasingly important
  • The pros and cons for responsive design, mobile websites and native apps
  • The type of companies for which each approach is best suited
  • Where to begin when deciding the best solution for your business

Download it here

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