Anyone in or around our hometown of Toronto is caught up in the excitement of hosting the 2015 PanAm / ParaPanAm games this month. This multisport extravaganza is a key prep event and qualifier for the athletes hoping to compete at the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics, and there’s lots to see and do.

From diving to squash, baseball to rugby sevens, kayaking to marathon, trampoline, judo, weightlifting, BMX and archery, all the summer sports are here.

So what does all this have to do with business-to-business marketing communications? Our clients, of course!

Thanks to our knowledge of our clients’ industries and products, we can view the Games like a giant Where’s Waldo? cornucopia of contribution. Here are a few examples:



With BASF Construction North America and Lafarge Eastern Canada on our client roster, we can see the impact of sustainable construction materials all over the PanAm venues, from existing facilities like the Skydome…er Rogers Centre…er PanAm Ceremonies Venue (its name keeps changing – the one with the retractable domed roof) to the new LEED® Gold Athletes Village.



Here’s one that’s fun while watching almost any of the PanAm events – spot the BASF Performance Materials! This client’s product portfolio contributes to protective padding and helmets, athletic shoes, watercraft and more! Even the decorative touches on the jumps for the equestrian events are held in place with polyurethane spray foam!



Half the fun of attending an event is sampling the food. Our client Brampton Engineering makes the equipment used to create plastic film packaging, while our friends at Haremar Plastics Manufacturing make the film itself. And look – here’s another Performance Materials appearance! They make the resins used to create sustainable packaging.

And what about El-En Packaging? This client is integral to concessions sustainability by manufacturing compostable bags and bin liners.



Host city Toronto has some of the safest and cleanest water in the world to welcome the athletes and visitors of the PanAm / ParaPanAm Games. Our client Hamilton Kent helps ensure Toronto’s water and waste water infrastructure play their part. Just don’t blame them for traffic delays thanks to the new temporary high-occupancy-vehicle (HOV) lanes!



Speaking of traffic delays, a lot of Toronto companies are encouraging employees to telecommute during the Games – whether to avoid the increased traffic volume or to provide flex time to attend events. Our client ThinkTel Communications provides cloud and voice services like Think 365 that allow people to connect via a multitude of ways, from anywhere, on any device. Check out the PanAm blog we wrote for them!

Playing host to a multisport event is always fun. Sure there are some headaches, but there are also great stories of courage and determination. There are cultural events, free concerts and some great athletic feats to take in.

So while we cheer on the athletes at the 2015 PanAm Games, we also feel a touch of pride in knowing that our clients are an integral part of these great podium performances.


Go Canada!

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