In this second entry of a three-part series on professional accountability and media buying, we ask you to compare media buying with other buying decisions.

In most organizations purchasing protocols require proper investigation and comparison before a decision is made.

Every business buying decision is a considered purchase. Your professional reputation - perhaps even your job - is potentially on the line. You weigh the pros and cons of all the options. You look at short-term satisfaction and long-term value. You demand that everyone in your organization follows strict policies and procedures before issuing a purchase order.

Why throw that routine out the window when buying media? Apply the same level of due diligence to your media planning that you use for all your other business practices. Media buying often suffers from neglect. It's an overlooked area of purchasing and isn't treated with the same respect. Yet in the 2007 Chief Marketing Officers Council survey CMOs ranked "quantify and measure the value of marketing programs and investments" as their top challenge and this continues to be a challenge in 2008.

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Richard Willingham is President of motum b2b and a Director of BPA Worldwide.

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