Tony Woods was so many things. A building performance pioneer. A tireless advocate of building science. An air barrier expert extraordinaire. A raconteur and fearless teller of terrible jokes. A granter of embarrassing nicknames.

Tony, who passed away in 2009 from leukemia, was also the founder and president of Canam Building Envelope Specialists and its product sidekick, Zerodraft�, both companies for which motum b2b was the marketing agency of record.

Canam, Zerodraft and motum b2b spilled oceans of electrons and ink (originally) and consumed thousands of gallons of transportation fuel helping Tony Woods and his colleague, Steven Tratt, educate Canadians and Americans on the merits of high-performance buildings, the value of air barriers and building above-Code.

In the field of building science and air barriers, Tony was more than an early-adopter ? he was a true pioneer. Beyond selling the services for his own business concerns, Tony tirelessly promoted designing, specifying and constructing better buildings to the industry at large.

In addition to appearing at conferences all over the world, he was a Building Performance Institute (BPI) volunteer board member, past-president of the Ontario Building Envelope Council and member of numerous standards committees dealing with air leakage control, air barriers, ventilation and more.

On March 29, Tony?s memory was honored by another motum b2b client, BPI, with the fourth annual Tony Woods Award for Excellence in Advancing the Home Performance Industry at the Opening Plenary ceremony of the ACI National Home Performance Conference in Baltimore, Maryland.

Dave Robinson of GreenEarthEquities was this year?s recipient of the award, which is given to outstanding individuals in the field of home performance. Robinson?s company, GreenEarthEquities, buys foreclosed homes and performs deep energy retrofits on them before re-selling them.

Tony would have certainly been impressed by Robinson?s entrepreneurial nature and passion for home performance, as was BPI CEO Larry Zarker.

"Dave Robinson is determined to save the Earth and improve the planet one house at a time," said Zarker. "Robinson\'s background as a contractor, real estate broker, energy auditor and teacher, combined with his creative thinking has allowed him to flourish in this challenging economy."

Me, I was pleased to see Tony Woods? name again in the headlines. As chief Canam/Zerodraft/Tony Woods copywriter for a number of years ? and chief audience for the aforementioned comedy routines ? I had missed contributing to the profile of such a highly respected figure in the performance construction industry.

But thanks to the spirit of recognition and generosity at BPI, once again we get to revisit Tony?s contribution to the industry. And through our ongoing work with BPI, motum b2b gets to continue to help make residential construction a better place in both Canada and the USA. And that?s something to celebrate.

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