When you only have your audience’s attention for mere seconds, it can be tempting to give them as much information about your product as possible.

Unfortunately when we give into this temptation, our marketing collateral tends to look so overwhelming and uninteresting, that we lose any attention we hoped to have.

We liken the practice of opening with technical specifications to meeting the parents on a first date. Your parents might be fabulous people—they bring context and important information about you—but it’s a lot for someone to process when they’re not even sure they’re interested to begin with.

As in any relationship, taking your customers to a more serious level—and I think we can agree that specifications are serious—is about timing.

Sometimes your prospect is new to the game and needs to take it slow. Other times, they know exactly what they want and you can go to the serious stuff almost immediately.

How do you know where a prospect is in their level of engagement?

At motum b2b, we use a marketing automation software called Pardot, which coincides with your website to track a known visitor’s behavior. With it, we find out which pages they viewed and what else they downloaded. By seeing the type of information a visitor is accessing, we can define where they are in their buying cycle.

Without this software, we recommend that you make your technical information available on your website in a ‘Resources’ section, with an invitation below to contact a sales representative. That way, visitors can access it when they have decided they’re interested enough to get to know more about your product.

Until that happens, keep it light. Be interesting. Make your prospects want to get serious.

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