Growing your brand’s presence is a team effort, with clients and copywriters playing equally important roles

As an agency specializing in content marketing, social media is a natural fit for our skill set. We can market, copywrite, network with influencers and tell compelling brand stories. Social media is just one more medium in our substantial content publishing arsenal.

But as we work to bring our B2B clients into the social fold, it’s become clear that best-in-class social media shouldn’t be an agency-only affair.

Clients’ personal social media connections are vital to the brand-building process. If we’re working to build a brand’s presence on sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter through content marketing, the extra reach provided by client sharing is invaluable.

We always strive to achieve subject matter expertise in all of our clients’ industries, but clients live and breathe their markets all day, every day, and that is often reflected in their social networks. They are the faces that their customers want to see and in social media, lead generation works best with a personal touch. That’s why we feature our clients in our videos and webinars instead of professional presenters or our own agency personnel.

This is especially true on LinkedIn, which was built on the premise of digital social amplification. It sits right there on your homepage: “Your 324 connections link you to 5,994,245+ professionals.” To grow into an effective hub, a brand page needs some of that juice.

So if you’re marketing a B2B company that’s either in the pre-social or entry-level social stage, take a look at your own personal network first. A robust personal network on LinkedIn or Twitter provides excellent fuel for building your brand page in the future. People are more likely to be receptive to personal recommendations than brand recommendations.

Then, once your brand page is up and either you, your social media manager or your agency are posting content to it, you can amplify that messaging by simply hitting “Share” or “Retweet.” And presto! You’re doubling your own content output and your brand’s at the same time.

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