Has it happened to you yet? Doing a daily check up on your Facebook page only to find that it looks like someone threw it in the dryer and then reposted it with their eyes closed?

All through the month of March, Facebook has been converting personal and Pages accounts to its new Timeline format. While personal users might not care if they have a wacky-looking profile for a few days, it’s important that brands anticipate and prepare for the Timeline transformation before it is done for them.

The deadline for the change is March 30. 

How does this change affect B2B marketers?

Of great benefit to B2B clients is a new and greatly enhanced ability to tell a brand’s story through the actual Facebook Timeline. The Timeline runs down the right side of a profile page and can be populated with major milestones in a company’s history. For brands with a rich and interesting story, this is a wonderful opportunity to share that story with their employees, customers and friends.

For example, BASF, which counts its Sustainable Construction North America and seven other business unit divisions as motum b2b clients, was founded in Germany in 1965 with the production of red dye made from the raw materials of coal tar and is now the biggest chemical company in the world. This story can now be illustrated on a visual timeline, along with pictures, news clips and memories.

Secondly, Timeline’s new structure encourages a continuous flow of information. Tabs, the static pages in which many brands housed content, are now extinct, which is not a bad thing considering static pages did not publish content to user news feeds. Since most Facebook users experience content mainly through their feed, it was easy for a brand’s new content to be ignored.

motum b2b encourages its clients to have a robust, planned content strategy for its social media properties and welcomes the chance for its clients’ efforts to be published more readily into user news feeds.

Thirdly, the change affects a Page’s aesthetics, more prominently posting fan interaction and friend actions, therefore encouraging methods (through engaging content) to keep those activity boxes active. Brands must also prepare an engaging cover photo and ensure the four new boxes at the top of the Page are properly populated.

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