As content marketers, we use brand journalism to bring out the best qualities in a product or a service, as well as the benefits of having a business relationship with your company. We help you explain what sets your company apart from the competition. We dig in and find that nugget, and then use it to drive the specification for your product or service.

Your informed potential lead demands the qualities that differentiate you. In turn, your company helps to set the new market standard.

Why the long-winded explanation about content marketing and our process? Simply put, sustainability is becoming a new market standard. Through outside influences in the media and popular culture, sustainability has infiltrated almost every business sector. In a survey completed by McKinsey and Company in 2010, “72 percent of respondents said considering sustainability is “extremely” or “very important” for managing corporate reputation and brands.”

A positive sustainability story, told with zero greenwash, can be a great asset when informing your target customer about what sets you apart—and how you can help them meet their own sustainability goals.

Yes, your products and services are the most innovative and advanced. But it’s even better when you can say your organization got there while also balancing economic, social and environmental values.

And in the same way we back up unique technical specifications with verifiable tests, our content marketers back up sustainability claims with cold hard facts: certifications, reports and test results.

Sustainability is more than a buzz word. It’s a business advantage. Find out how we can help you tell your sustainability story. Watch the video. 

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