You know this scenario: A lead comes in from the website and it is handed off to sales. The rep phones and the prospect’s interest level is not strong. That contact is placed on the back burner and eventually forgotten. This happens a few more times and pretty soon the web leads are labeled as “junk” and they receive only half-hearted follow-up if any at all. 

Similar things can happen to trade show, contest, or purchased leads. Only a small percentage of leads are ready for sales contact and offer an active opportunity. Marketing Automation can help you nurture slow-burn leads into sales-ready opportunities and a lot more.

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Marketing Automation is a software solution that can serve as the backbone of your demand generation, opportunity nurturing and customer conversion activities. It seamlessly wraps around your existing website, integrates with drive-to-site outreach, captures prospect information, delivers warm-up personalized email communications, measures prospect interest, scores and ranks leads and lets your sales force know when it’s time to follow up. 

The result is more cost effective and efficient buying cycle with true marketing dollar accountability. Fewer leads fall through the cracks and your prospects will tell you when they are ready for a conversation. Your sales force activities are focused on hot prospects not cold calling. Interested prospects with long-term opportunities are not disqualified and forgotten. Uptake for specific outreach tactics can be measured and traced through to sales dollars. 

As your potential buyer moves through awareness, interest, curiosity, investigation, evaluation, and decision, Marketing Automation will be working behind the scenes to help ensure a successful sale.

Lead Generation

  • Tie campaign pages and data capture to specific outreach tactics and turn it around in minutes without bugging IT
  • Attach inbound referring adwords and organic searches to prospects and use the information for segmentation and sales assignment
  • Generate engagement email blasts from existing (often dead) leads to resurrect interest

 Prospect Intelligence Gathering

  • Gather deeper prospect information over time as comfort level grows through progressive profiling—name and email first, then company size and position, then budget and purchase-decision time frame
  • Read digital body language by knowing how they came to the site, the pages they view and the frequency of return visits 
  • Segment by position, company size, inbound organic search terms, etc.
  • Manage communication preferences—if they unsubscribe they aren’t interested right now, but they may tell you what they want hear about in the future

 Opportunity Warm-up 

  • Create email drip campaigns triggered by inbound campaign, adword or search term
  • Generate auto-responders for website inquiries
  • Send one-off email content notifications to segmented prospect lists

 Sales Preparation 

  • Automatically assign a prospect to a sales person based on inbound campaign, company size, site activity, etc.
  • Send automated, personalized email communications that begin to build the relationship
  • Grade prospects by region, company size, position, etc.
  • Score leads based on email click-through and site activity
  • Integrate with CRM solutions, email alerts and prospect activities


  • Track anonymous site visitors, active visitors and prospect site activity
  • Measure the effectiveness of email templates and landing pages, including multi-variant testing

 A recent study by the Aberdeen Group and summarized by DemandGenReport shows that nurtured leads deliver 47% higher average order values and superior performing organizations are two times more likely to nurture.  Lead nurturing through Marketing Automation can help you realize a higher return on your marketing investment.

Over the coming weeks, motum b2b will be discussing marketing automation in greater detail and how you can leverage it to realize higher conversion rates and increased marketing ROI. Click here if you are interested hearing more and would like to download a case study from a marketing automation solution provider. 

If you would like to see Marketing Automation in action, click here to schedule a no-obligation live demonstration.

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