All good communicators know that to get your message across, you have to grab attention and hold it.

motum b2b calls this the ACID test. Attract. Connect with your audience’s area of Interest. Drive them to take action.

So why does most b2b marketing fail the test? Open any traditional b2b magazine and you see ads that try to fill every inch of space with technical specifications.

In business-to-business marketing communications, it’s true that you are presenting your product or service to another business. But it’s not the business that makes the buying decision, it’s a real, live human being. The same human being who makes brand decisions about consumer products all the time. He or she just happens to be making this brand decision on behalf of a business. It’s just the circumstances, context and rationale that are different.

Yes, technical specifications are important to the final buying decision for a lot of b2b products. But they are only one aspect. B2b marketers call these ‘considered purchases,’ because the buyer’s professional credibility, reputation and maybe his livelihood, are on the line.

A lot of b2b marketers fail because they think that a piece of marketing communication, a print ad, a direct mail piece, a show display, needs to deliver the entire sale by itself. That’s not so. Web banners are a good example of how b2b marketers are being forced to accept this. Less real estate plus the ability to click to more information is the reality and the benefit.

Considered purchases are a process and the marketer needs to take each opportunity to connect with the audience and take the buyer on the journey. Attraction, connection, involvement and finally a decision…in favor of your brand!

So let’s stop boring people, let’s start helping them buy things.

*David Ogilvy

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