Recently, motumb2b participated in a lunch n\' learn session with our new video vendor, Wistia. During it, our host and moderator, Adam Zais mentioned that the subject of whether or not there was value in paid video hosting was one of the company\'s most common queries. Not surprising, but it\'s also a valid question: with all the free spaces out there-the most ubiquitous of which almost all of our clients currently use-why pay to play?

Firstly, we wanted better analytics. We wanted to see where people stop watching videos, where they rewind those videos and how many times they watch them. Are we losing them consistently at 1:30? Is 2:15 to 2:45 consistently scrubbed back? Where are they going once they are done? Our new provider offers us all of those things, gaining us valuable insight to not only improve the product we create but pass on better data to our clients.

Secondly, it works with what we already have. Motum b2b has been a Pardot partner since 2010 and, being a fellow Pardot partner, Wistia allows us to further integrate our multimedia lead-gen tactics into our marketing automation strategy. As motum\'s manager of web development Mark Whiting says, "if we can convert a video viewer to a known prospect, and have a white paper in their inbox after the video wraps, that\'s a win for our client."

And finally, we now control the calls to action and the viewer\'s end experience. We can send them to a new video, offer an e-newsletter or request feedback, none of which we could previously do by offering standalone or YouTube hosted multimedia.

Stay tuned for results as we implement Wistia across our client portfolio. We\'re excited to share our learning as the project moves forward.

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