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Lead Generation and Nurturing

Know when to pull the trigger.

It's probably happened to you at some point. You open an email and click on a link, or you download a whitepaper or product spec sheet and BAM! A sales rep is on your phone or in your inbox within minutes.

There's nothing more frustrating to a prospect than being inundated by sales before they're ready to buy. It can turn some people off so badly they swear off any future business with that 'aggressive' brand.

motum b2b believes in a more strategic approach. We'll help you construct a digital presence that encourages prospective customers to exhibit signals that indicate which part of the buying process they are currently in.

Using educational materials and marketing automation techniques to demonstrate your value and thought leadership, we'll nurture that lead until strong buying signals are demonstrated and that prospect is ready for a sales call.

With the value of your offering established in advance, your sales conversion rate will climb, and your sales team will spend more time talking to people who actually want to hear from them.

Lead Generation and Nurturing

Watch this video to learn how you can set up your e-marketing campaign, leave for vacation, and generate sales leads while you’re gone.

how can we help you?

It doesn't matter what you sell. If you need business-to-business marketing communications, we can help you form your strategy, craft your message, execute the plan and report on ROI. Find out about our unique approach to B2B marketing success.

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