We Create Chemistry world tour – Marketplace of Innovations

3 countries. 6 cities. 20 innovations.

How does The Chemical Company celebrate the International Year of Chemistry? With a world tour, of course. The North American leg comprised three countries and six cities, with experts in their fields presenting BASF sustainable solutions in a unique setting – the Marketplace of Innovations.

After some recon work in Detroit, MI, motum b2b was on hand in Florham Park, NJ, and Toronto, ON, to capture the magic. With collaboration from Hold Fast Communications, Impact Unlimited, our crack team of local videographers in each location, and our fabulous post-production crew, we produced a series of videos aimed to allow those who could not attend an event in person to experience the marketplace in all its geeked-out glory.

In all, 20 Innovation Feature Presentation and dozens of stakeholder Voices from the Marketplace videos were created.

Grab some popcorn, sit back, and get ready to learn something new.

BASF magazine

sustainable construction loves chemicals

Drive-to-web integrated paid media and lead nurturing campaign

Leveraging the strength of the brand’s global campaign, we created a series of print and digital ads specific to the sustainable construction market. Targeting architects, engineers, home builders and built-asset owners, these quirky executions entice the reader to visit the website to see the proof behind the seemingly impossible claim with an animated vignette and additional resources.

Each ad was also converted into a targeted email for lead nurturing to the Construction group’s owned list of more than 60,000 stakeholders.

BASF website


Online presence with marketing automation

The Polyurethanes division is one of the largest in BASF. This magical molecule can be found raising the performance of everything from cars and boats to net-zero-energy homes, and from furniture and appliances to deep-water mining infrastructure.

Our task? To position BASF as the source for information on polyurethane technology on the Internet. Reward the visit with high-value content and convert anonymous visitors to known prospects for ongoing nurturing. The result? Mere weeks after the site launched, our client was being stopped in the hall by incredulous colleagues asking, “Are you really getting leads from your new site already?”

BASF brochure

Plan to use purple

Product launch brochure

BASF’s WALLTITE® spray foam is famous as “the blue stuff” thanks to its starring role on the hit TV show Holmes on Homes. When BASF Canada introduced a new formulation, WALLTITE® Eco, motum b2b was tasked with not only communicating the enhanced environmental benefits of the new product, but to highlight the eye-catching purple color of the spray foam.

Each spray foam formulation has its own distinct color for identification purposes, as well as branding. Purple was chosen for WALLTITE® Eco in part because it would look great on television. It now stars in Mike Holmes new show, Holmes Inspection.

BASF Turn Key solutions

Turnkey solutions

Turnkey social media

BASF’s Sustainable Construction North America is a cross-divisional market focus team comprising 15 individual business units in three countries. With more than 600 products serving over 75 construction categories, finding one voice to represent such a diverse group can be a challenge.

That’s why motum b2b provides the communications team with turnkey social media service. Each and every day, we monitor industry news, post insight and commentary and enter into dialogue with customers, influencers and employees across the construction value chain.

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