Screenshot of the Haremar website

A high-performance site for high-performance film

Fresh look. Fresh message. High-value content.

A B2B website delivers ROI when it acts as a top sales rep. The online presence we built for Haremar does just that. Chock full of high-value content, the site engages while it educates visitors on everything from product information and company values to industry news. Our goal with the website was to allow visitors to imagine what it would be like to work with Haremar, and then give them a variety of ways to engage with the company directly. Through the construction of an online product estimate tool to the well-received Haremar blog, we helped Haremar create welcoming new online hub for current and new customers alike.

Screenshot of Haremar whiteboard

A video is worth a thousand pictures

Success stories are interesting, and b2b buyers like to hear them. But reading—especially on a screen—can be daunting and time consuming. Whiteboard videos are proving to remedy this situation. Simple and effective, our animated videos show and tell the story in less than two minutes.

For Haremar, a company with many case studies in its back pocket, whiteboard videos have been particularly successful. Not only have these videos provided interesting content on the website, they have been helpful in sales meetings when time is tight. They have also increased open rates in outbound emails by 50%.

Screenshot of a Haremar video

Nurturing the best leads into the next best customers

Engage. Identify. Nurture. Convert.

As a specialist manufacturer of performance films, Haremar needs to land only a handful of new customers a year to reach its growth targets.

But no one ever impulse shops for this type of product – all B2B purchases are considered purchases, but this one is particularly measured. Changing film suppliers can mean a change in processing, a change in environmental impact and, perhaps most importantly, a change in how a consumer product’s packaging looks and feels on the store shelf. There are considerations throughout the supply chain and multiple tiers of influence to convince before a decision can be made.

With a small target audience, a strong message and a long buying cycle, Haremar is perfect for lead nurturing. Throughout the website, high-value content including videos, webinars and position papers leads to strong calls-to-action. Stay informed. Request a custom solution. Get the newsletter.

Regular content additions automatically push out via email to those who’ve made contact. Nurturing the prospect with more valuable information. More facts. More reasons to work with Haremar.

The result? To-date, we’ve helped Haremar build an owned audience 100 times their conversion need. And the brand has met its growth targets each year, even in a tough economy.

Haremar magazine and web ads

What if…?

Drive-to-web campaign unlike any other in the industry

Specs are specs. That’s not to say they’re not important, but if you’re going to spend a big chunk of budget on paid media, it’s probably a good idea to communicate something a little more informative.

Packaging industry trade media publications and websites are cluttered. Filled wall-to-wall with ads that look identical to one another, regardless of brand. Ads packed beyond the bleed with specs. Breaking through might sound hard, but actually, it’s pretty easy.

We just make Haremar look and sound completely different from everyone else.

Clean, crisp layouts with ample whitespace. Provocative messages designed to engage thought and prospects. People pictures over product shots. Benefits over specs.

The result? Creative so noticeable in its environment, our client got a phone call referencing the first ad in the series, the same week it originally appeared in print.

With a small, niche target audience, the media plan needs to be very focused. Very precise. Careful consideration of audited audience data includes company type, job role and geography. Results are measured in terms of impact on lead nurturing. How many people came to the site from this execution? How many engaged with content? How many signed up to stay informed? This measurement allows us to recalibrate the plan and increase ROI.