Client: ACS Valves

Eagle-eye view

Tracking engaged audience growth

From website optimization, to monthly articles and outbound emails, to frequent social media postings and paid media campaigns, it all comes together. For ACS Valves, we took a bird's eye view to help them (and us) track engaged audience growth.

Have a look for yourself.

Client: Haremar

Targeted paid media, calculated creative, and ongoing measurement

Drive-to-web paid media campaign unlike any other in the industry

For Haremar, one of the most respected performance film processors in North America, we created clean, crisp layouts with ample whitespace. Provocative and targeted messages were written to engage thought and prospects.

The result? Creative so noticeable in its environment, our client got a phone call referencing the first ad in the series, the same week it originally appeared in print.

Careful consideration of audited audience data included company type, job role and geography. Results were measured in terms of impact on lead nurturing — measurements that allowed us to recalibrate the plan on the fly and increase ROI.