Client: Industrios, Inc.

Smooth animations, natural transitions

ERP software provider Industrios wanted an updated website, one that immediately communicated customer pain points out of the gate, all while helping them differentiate in the ERP market. Not only did they want video, but they wanted powerful imagery.

The MOTUM B2B tech team sat down and sketched out a unique, yet wholly on-target visual treatment to the Industrios homepage.

Then they had to build it. And make it responsive for mobile devices and various screen sizes.

See it online

Client: Building Performance Institute (BPI)

Want to see a very practical business tool?

Then the contractor locator we built for BPI is the perfect example.

The BPI Contractor Locator is a USA-wide locator that helps match homeowners who are seeking accredited contracting professionals to companies and individuals who possess BPI certifications.

Here's what it does:

  • Real-time search draws contractor data and matches it to certification on both individual level.
  • Searchable by state, zip code and geographical location as well as certification type.
  • Serves up training opportunities for contractors who want to get certified and for businesses who want to hire certified contracting pros.
  • Detailed metrics and analytics integration provides real-time success measurement and KPIs.

Here's how it works:

  • 4 different programming languages, 3 separate APIs.
  • Many programming technologies working seamlessly together to make the magic happen: ASP.NET "broadcaster", React.JS based "receiver".
  • Data syncs nightly with a MS SharePoint back-end.
  • Built as a Drupal plug-in so it can be deployed across multiple websites.
  • Plug-in "talks" to Google Geo-Location and Google Maps through a custom-built REST service. (We had to homebrew this little number. But, unlike actual homebrew, this is pretty tasty.)