Client: Pure Protect by Kromet

Priming prospects for a brand new product

When Kromet asked us to help them launch their new antimicrobial coating, we tried to think like their customers.

"Our products are used in people's homes. Around their children, their pets, their guests."

"Is this coating truly safe? And even if it is, will our customers actually be willing to pay more for it?"

Every part of the launch, from the intro video to the press release and beyond, had to instill trust and unquestionable expertise, instantly and effectively. Luckily, the design did some of the heavy lifting.

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Client: iCompli Sustainability (Division of BPA Worldwide, the world's largest media audit company)

Powerful design punch for detailed reports

In the world of B2B, spec sheets, audits, reports, and proposals can make or break business success.

Smart, thoughtful design can help communicate some of the most complicated reports and statistical analysis.

iCompli provides sustainability reports for trade shows — in this particular case, a toy show. They wanted to present their report back to the client with a design that emulated the trade show look and feel, while still communicating the critical information clearly and efficiently.

iCompli's client raved about the report, sharing it widely both internally and externally.

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