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Here comes a new challenger (in marketing analytics!)

Motum’s new marketing coordinator climbs analytics hurdles — and scales literal mountains By Motum B2B Aug 29, 2018

When he’s not out climbing mountains for fun, Nimish Maheshwari is seeking out the next big challenge in marketing analytics.

As the new marketing coordinator at Motum B2B, Nimish comes equipped with a background in digital marketing, analytics and business management.

His work and his studies have taken him from India to Calgary and back again. He just moved back to Canada two months ago, and while Toronto has a distinct lack of mountains to feed his love of the outdoors, his new position at Motum has been keeping him plenty busy.

Nimish handles everything that concerns analytics, like email analysis, website performance, running campaigns and then some. He’ll be working with tools like Google Analytics, AdWords and Tag Manager to make that happen.

“I’ve always been interested in marketing,” says Nimish. “I love analyzing things, and I’ve always wanted to know what drives people to make a particular decision.”

His interest is only bolstered by the ever-changing world of marketing analytics.

“There are so many components, and you really have to stay on your toes because it could change every few months. You’re always learning new things — it never gets boring.”

Nimish’s hobbies include outdoor sports, strategy games, dance and, yes, rock climbing.

We’re looking forward to testing his mettle in the B2B marketing arena.