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Motum B2B adds a new marketing coordinator

Our engagement and analytics department just got more engaging with the addition of Shoby Khan. By Motum B2B May 15, 2018

Question: What does someone with a degree in commerce and a diploma in web design do when they grow up?

Answer: When your name is Shoby Khan, you become Motum B2B’s new marketing coordinator!

He left Ryerson University in Toronto with a commerce degree in hand but didn’t think he was wired to enjoy a career in high finance, instead opting to take a job as a recruiter.

Shoby, who admits to doing everything the hard way, “because I think it’s the best way to learn,” didn’t see a life-long calling in that business either and decided to spend his free time teaching himself to be a front-end web developer.

So, it was off to Humber College, also in Toronto, where Shoby studied web development. And this time, he found his calling.

But it wasn’t web development. That, of course, would have been too easy. He learned sitting at a computer coding all day wasn’t really his thing, either.

Shoby’s “eureka moment” came when he learned the project management aspect of the work he did was what he found most rewarding.

He decided starting in a tech role was his pathway to project management, so he took a job specializing in marketing automation (which actually requires a surprising amount of project management, considering the word “automation” is right there in the title).

And that’s when Shoby finally made it to Motum. And we are glad he did, because our marketing automation programs sure aren’t going to manage themselves.

“Shoby brings a wealth of marketing automation experience to the team, with a strong coding background and some project coordination skills as well,” says Steve Lendt, Motum’s Director of Analytics and Engagement. “He’s a natural fit for how we want to grow our team.”

Welcome aboard, Shoby.