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Our new senior writer has arrived!

Motum B2B welcomes an experienced trade press editor to its growing content team. By Motum B2B May 08, 2018

Michael Ouellette comes to Motum B2B from his role as the editor of, where he spent 10 years covering one of Canada’s most important economic sectors. During this time, he expanded his skillset from writing and editing daily news and features to developing conferences, moderating round table discussions, conducting market research, running webinars and hosting gala events.

“As a B2B editor, he not only understands the specific needs of writing engaging content for a highly technical audience, but he’s also well-versed on the core industries that our clients serve,” says Corinne Lynds, Editorial Director at Motum B2B. “Coming from a combined print/digital publishing background, Michael knows how to engage targeted audiences in a multi-platform environment — online, in print, videos, events, webinars, social and more.”

Michael is joining a content team that’s already running on all cylinders, with copywriter extraordinaire Tanya Decarie and social media master Giles Lino.

“Michael’s got the experience, he’s got the chops and he understands how to use the Oxford comma, so all in all I’m looking forward to working with him,” says Tanya.

Giles, Motum's Social Media Strategist and copywriter, was less enthusiastic.

“Great. Another writing pro with years of experience to feel inadequate to.”

It’s okay, Giles. At least you have your youth…